About GT College

GT College seeks to empower students with the knowledge, skills and motivation to encourage entrepreneurial success in a variety of settings. The approach is to put theory into practice, turning ideas into action, from lab To the marketplace, practical and innovative solutions for today's challenges within a dynamic interactive learning environment GT College plans to reach underserved populations of students who cannot attend a college that offers the educational services they desire.


GT Group's Presence is felt in education, publication, healthcare and telecom, through its array of education and training institutions, healthcare organization and workshops, enlightening and empowering the youth, creating innumerable jobs and a healthier society.

GT GROUP : Overview

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S.K. Gupta, Managing Director (MD)

United efforts have immense strength. I believe in a system which brings together diverse efforts and skills of people to build a larger and stronger organization which would grow and taste success faster than the others. In last 30 years we have tried to equip our students with latest technological advancements and met international standards. Our institution would educate the students, keeping the regional demands and opportunities in mind. Alongside we have diversified into several other endeavors which have reflected success at its optimum. These ventures have also given birth to the need of young and dynamic personnel to contribute to the accelerated growth. Hence laying the foundation of GT College is one major step in the pursuit of excellence.

Our Promoters

Siddharth Gupta, CEO

Education today has evolved from the general convention of a basic requirement for every student to emerge as a professional gear for the professional world. A world where just a degree is not enough to fuel the progress of a student on the fast lanes of the present market. GT College has therefore been sketched out with a vision of providing education that is at par with the industry needs. Here we focus upon providing career-oriented curriculum at affordable cost to all. GT College is the ideal knowledge bank that caters to the diverse merit, socio-economic structure and geographic location of every aspiring Indian youth. Welcome to GT College - set your date with success.